Cannabis is going mainstream and everyone is curious about what’s real and what’s hype. Written by a Cannabis industry expert, “Cannabis For Dummies” covers everything from the basics of the plant and a beginner’s consumption guide to advanced information on growing and production as well as the industry and business of cannabis.

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Hoboken, NJ (April 18, 2019) – Cannabis is a hot topic and people everywhere want to learn more about the plant, the people, and the issue. According to a recent Quinnipiac University national survey, 60% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana for adult use and 93% approve of legalizing medical marijuana. To date, 30 states have legalized medical marijuana and 9 have completely legalized it. Still, even as other states consider the option of legalizing marijuana there remain many questions, confusions and misconceptions about marijuana. Cannabis For Dummies, written by Cannabis industry expert, Kim Casey, aims to answer many of those questions and serve as a guide to all there is to know about marijuana. Currently available for pre-order, Cannabis For Dummies is set to be published on May 14th and will be available wherever books are sold.

Cannabis For Dummies covers everything there is to know about marijuana in the no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point, signature style that Dummies is known for. The book begins by breaking down the anatomy and chemistry of marijuana and covers the basics of cannabis in politics and in culture. Author Kim Casey covers growing, buying, storing, and using cannabis, and outlines how to use cannabis safely and responsibly. Cannabis For Dummies highlights the potential benefits of medicinal marijuana for humans and pets and details how to go about starting a cannabis business. Additionally, the book breaks down the information into “The Part of Tens,” including:

  • Ten Tips for Growing More and Better Weed
  • Ten Tips to Enhance Your Cannabis Experience
  • Ten Tips for Buying Cannabis

Perfect for anyone looking to learn more about marijuana, Cannabis For Dummies presents the science behind the use of marijuana and its consumption and provides detailed information about the growing cannabis industry in the United States.

Author Kim Casey is the former communications manager for Native Roots Dispensaries, one of the largest cannabis companies in the country with 20 retail locations and more than 600 employees across the state of Colorado. It is also one of only four companies, and currently the only US dispensary granted licenses in Manitoba, Canada to operate adult-use dispensaries.

About the Book Cannabis For Dummies (Dummies, May 2019, ISBN: 9781119550662, $26.99, 360 pages). To buy the book on Amazon, click here:

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