Two roots cannabis beerCannabiniers, the premiere developer of global cannabis brands revolutionizing the industry with safe, smoke-free cannabis product, announced a partnership with Origin House’s Continuum, the company’s major California distribution division. This partnership grants Continuum sole rights to distribute Cannabiniers’ vastly popular product to over 500 dispensaries across the state of California, the world’s largest cannabis market. Cannabiniers’ creative portfolios boasting CBD / THC infused sparkling water as well as topical products for personal care, is expected to vastly widen its footprint throughout the state. Cannabiniers’ vast portfolio crosses multiple channels including beverage and personal care. Distribution through Continuum will include: Two Roots™, the world’s first non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused craft beer, Baskin™, a line of cannabis-infused personal care products, and Creative Waters™, its new brand of cannabis (CBD and CBD:THC) infused sparkling water; with additional portfolio expansions to be announced soon.

Both Continuum and Cannabiniers are built on synergy to provide safe, innovative and normalized channels of consuming cannabis product.